What’s on this week

12Image: North Edinburgh Arts


Nordic Horizons brings Restaurant Day co-founder Timo Santala to Edinburgh

22 October 2014

Nordic Horizons, an informal group that holds public meetings to discuss policy and design in the Nordic nations, hosts speaker Timo Santala this Wednesday. Santala is the co-founder of Restaurant Day, originating in Helsinki. By coordinating a day for pop-up restaurants to run in a foodie-festival type phenomenon, Santala has enabled aspiring food producers to experiment and open doors for new food experiences. Sign up and more information here.

Ecological, social, financial sustainability and arts with North Edinburgh Grows

24 October 2014

Creative Carbon Scotland’s Edinburgh Green Tease brings their “after-school” group to North Edinburgh Arts this Friday. The gathering will feature a discussion inspired by the North Edinburgh Grows project, part of North Edinburgh Arts’ wider interests in skills development and employability, health promotion and regeneration of the local area. Green Tease is open to anyone interested in exploring what the roles of artists and artistic organisations in building a more sustainable future. Sign up and more information here.

“Environmental arts towards change” at the Fertile Ground Conference in Dunbar

25-26 October 2014

North Light Arts brings together artists, designers, arts administrators and community members to discuss the potential of the arts to inspire change. The conference will explore the points of interest in the local area and artists’ projects, bringing creative thought and awareness to the shifting face of Dunbar. Sign up and more information here.


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