Registration now open- Edible Cities Edinburgh workshop series

Edible Cities Edinburgh: A Food-Based Approach to Knowledge Exchange

17-19 February 2015 at the Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

As part of the University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week, The Dinner Lab will be hosting the Edible Cities Edinburgh workshop and walking tour series. These two days will envision a new future for Scottish food and sustainability, through walking tours, guided tastings, creative mapping and interdisciplinary collaboration. The work produced and documentation of the event will be included in an interdisciplinary exhibition in the Tent Gallery! (A great way to have your voice heard!)

This inclusive event will bring together university students, researchers and community members in a productive and creative context to discuss Edinburgh’s food culture and the potential for the city’s food system. Ideas from the event will act as a catalyst for future collaboration between the many local food projects across the city.

Join us to eat our way to a more sustainable future for Edinburgh! Free and open to all-registration has officially opened! Book a place today to join this event. Come along to share your knowledge of the past or present and your vision for the future, exchange ideas with other food-interested folk and see where the thoughts shared may lead.

For more information and to book, please visit our Eventbrite page.

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