Open Call for Submissions: Urbane Interdisciplinary Exhibition


Open call for entries of all disciplines for Urbane– an interdisciplinary exhibition addressing our urban relationship to food.
​​“But cities are not just made of bricks and mortar, they are inhabited by flesh-and-blood humans, and so must rely on the natural world to feed them. Cities, like people, are what they eat.” 
-Carolyn Steel, from Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives, 2008
With 66% of the world’s population expected to be living in urban areas by 2050, now is the time to ask- how will we sustain these populations within the competing uses of city space? Have city dwellers lost all sense of connection with the rural, and in doing so, alienated themselves from the production of the very sustenance that keeps them alive?
Urbane, a cross-disciplinary exhibition, aims to address these questions and provoke further consideration of these issues. Embracing discourse around the growing energy and attention being drawn towards local growing initiatives and food projects, the exhibition will act as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between artists, architects, scientists, writers, policy-makers and community groups to address the need to more fully embed our food system within our everyday urban lives.
Urbane will run 19-24 February 2015, with talks, workshops and performances activating the gallery space to create a forum to better understand the unique attributes and possibilities existing within Scotland’s urban and social environments for a more sustainable and equitable future.
Submission Guidelines: Works of all mediums will be considered for the exhibition, with a preference for interdisciplinary collaborative works. Works will be selected for their cohesion and ability to sit within a group show in the Tent Gallery, a street-front project space located in the Art, Space + Nature studio, a space where direct dialogue between the University and the public can take place. The dimensions of the gallery are roughly 6m x 6.5m x 2.5 m in height, so works must sit well within this scale of space.
Please send a digital copy or photos of your work along with an artist statement and description/interpretation of work to Allison Palenske at by 19th January 2015 at 5pm. Email attachment sizes must not exceed 5MB, please provide links to a Dropbox file location for larger files.
Only works that have already been created will be considered, unfortunately we cannot accept proposals for new work at this time. Preference will be given to artists proposing a performance, talk or workshop surrounding their work. Applicants will be informed of curators’ decisions by 26 January 2015.
By entering, the artist confirms that if successful, they will deliver finished exhibition quality pieces to Tent Gallery, Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art no later than 15 February 2015. Artists must be able to pick up their works following the end of the exhibition, or provide return postage, no later than 1 March 2015. Whilst due care and attention will be given throughout, artists should note that the artworks will be sent, exhibited and returned entirely at the owners risk. Artists are liable to make their own insurance cover, if required. Works should be sent suitably packaged and will be returned in the original packaging.  Artists whose work is of a fragile nature should discuss this with the organiser before sending the works. Any further questions can be sent via email to Allison at

Eating Edinburgh Mapping Project at the Grassmarket

Some photos from our project at the Grassmarket Weekly Market this past Saturday- stay tuned for more news regarding what we’re doing with all the lovely memories we collected!

Eating Edinburgh Mapping Project

Join us tomorrow in the Grassmarket to share your favourite food memories in the Edinburgh city centre! We’d like to hear about Edinburgh’s tastiest places to purchase, eat, share or grow food.

If you’d like to participate, come by the Grassmarket Weekly Market tomorrow (13 December 10am-5pm), or submit your location to us online via email, Twitter or Instagram. More details included below-


Project sneak peek- Story at the TentLab

IMG_20141205_214132Any idea what we’re creating this week? Tweet your thoughts to @thedinnerlab

Come along to Story this week to see the finished product! Our FINAL exhibition in the TentLab series, Story is a collaboration between the MFA students of the Art, Space and Nature programme at the Edinburgh College of Art. The exhibition is our version of the Exquisite Corpse. More event info can be found here or on the poster below. Hope to see you there!



A Taxonomy of Scottish Beverage at Tent Gallery

As part of the TentLab group exhibition series, The[Dinner]Lab showed “A Taxonomy of Scottish Beverage” at Tent Gallery on 27th November 2014.

Considering three commonly consumed fluids, this timeline displays beverages of strikingly similar appearance. Substances included are an orange “juice-y” drink marketed for children, a popular orange-coloured fizzy drink and an affordable fermented fruit beverage sold in plastic two-litre bottles. Examine what happens when marketing and packaging is stripped, leaving the liquids to speak for themselves.

Morph Exhibition at Tent Gallery

Come by Tent Gallery this Thursday to see the latest Dinner Lab creation! The group exhibition is themed on the concept of “Morph,” and will include test tubes and a mysterious Scottish beverage…

1459228_10152918030927495_6678911096535955914_n (Free refreshments)

Morph: Art Space Nature Group Exhibition

27 November 5-7pm

Tent Gallery 78 West Port

Edinburgh, UK

Open call for collaborators: Edible Old Edinburgh Workshops and Walking Tours