Container Gardens by CityPlot Amsterdam

In the past ten years, the Dutch urban agriculture scene has flourished. Amsterdam, despite its limited growing spaces and busy tourism sector, isn’t exempt from this development. Cityplot, an urban agriculture organisation based in Berlin and Amsterdam, has numerous gardens across the city that successfully adapt to the unique growing conditions of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam-Noord is an up-and-coming part of the city, located just across the Ij lake from the Amsterdam Centraal train station. This creative community boasts multiple urban farms (including UrbaniaHoeve’s DemoGarden); because of its location just outside the city centre, Amsterdam-Noord is more affordable and offers more space for these growing projects. However, the soil in this area is contaminated due to Amsterdam-Noord’s industrial history.

Cityplot has overcome the soil constraints by creating prosperous container gardens- their garden at the Open Coöp in the Tolhuistuin is a key example. Modular by nature, this model is easily adaptable and simple to maintain. Cityplot grows herbs, beans and leafy greens, amongst other fruit and vegetables, pairing plants through companion planting.

Labeled as a workshop-garden, this space allows Cityplot to educate locals about container garden growing techniques. As part of their mission, the organisation “supports people in growing their own organic food – on balconies, on windowsills, in gardens, on empty lots, and along the street,” thus making container planting an important and viable method for Amsterdam locals.


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